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Clayton Commercial & Residential Landscaping

truckDo you need professional help for some of your Clayton yard care needs? Get the expert help that our yard care professionals offer as soon as you can! With many years and hundreds of yards landscaped, we can help keep your lawn green & cut, your walkways and driveways edged cleanly, and your entire yard looking great all year. We know how much of a difference it can make to have a beautiful, lush lawn around your home and business.

Weeds, Fertilization, & Pruning

Pruning is one of the most important facets of landscaping. Without proper and regular trimming, your trees and shrubs won’t be as healthy and happy as they could be. If you don’t know much about gardening you may think pruning is just aesthetic, but it actually does more for your plants’ health than you may believe. Not all dirt is made the same, some dirt is going to be very good for growing grass and other dirt will grow nothing but brown halfway dead grass. You can’t control that, but what you can control is having your lawn fertilized from time to time to help keep it looking plush and green. Weeding is also extremely important when it comes to maintaining a good looking yard. We can come in and spray/pull up every trouble weed in your yard. We can even pre-spray trouble spots if we expect weeds to want to grow there. 

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Professional Landscaping & Lawn Care Clayton, NC

Here at Greenpath Landscaping, we offer commercial and residential services ranging from a big one-time project to get your storefront ready to regular maintenance keeping your grass cut and edge trimmed. Keeping your grass cut and looking good is important to the overall appearance of your home, an ugly yard can ruin a house. In the summer your grass may need to be cut as often as weekly, and if you want us to we can be there to do that for you. You don’t want just anyone doing the work too, you want someone that can guarantee you good, on-time results. We like to think of lawn care like car care. So yes, your car is going to run for quite a while even if you don’t ever take it into the shop to be worked on, but eventually, it’s going to stop working altogether and cost you way more money to get it fixed than it would have to maintain it. Your lawn is the same way, paying for regular maintenance is going to be far cheaper than letting it get completely overgrown and having to get it looking right from there. Save time, save money, get the pros to do the work.

Irrigation System Installation

Not many things look more beautiful than a nice green lawn. At Greenpath Landscaping we can set up a customized watering system for any yard or parking lot greenery. It won’t just be a couple of sprinklers plopped in your yard, it’ll all be planned out and designed to get maximum coverage and results for your yard. We take a lot of things into consideration like size, shape, and slope of your lawn. As to why you need a professional and not an amateur – an amateur probably isn’t going to think too much about runoff and potential erosion that will certainly occur with time if your yard has any slope to it. You also want to be sure you’re not over or under watering your grass, too little water is going to leave it brown and too much is going to drown and potentially kill it.

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